Since last 3 decades automotive recycling in North America particularly and all over the world generally went through major changes. The vehicles are more fuel efficient more luxurious and more complex and advance now ever than before. The life of the vehicles has also increased and society has also become more climate change, recycling and environmentally conscious also. These factors completely changed the auto recycling industry in Canada. According to statistics, auto recyclers recycle almost 80% of the car. In North America almost 25 million cars are been recycled and almost 12 to 14 million new cars come on the roads are made up of recycled old cars.


In North America 40% of ferrous metal comes from recycling industry in general which ultimately reduces the pressure on mining and saves the earth resources. Every year about 15 million ton scrap metal comes from the junk car recycling industry.

So this is huge industry with hundreds of thousands of people employed with. In this article we, Auto recyclers in Brampton want to discuss the process and want to see what auto recycling means is and what the process is and how a junk car turns into treasure for scrap metal people.

We are known auto recyclers in Brampton and pick up your junk cars for cash. We are basic link where the scrap metal and auto recycling industry in linked to big steel factories are connected. How this thing works. Let’s have a look.

It’s is very easy to become attached to your old car after all it’s been your companion for many years and you have some sentiments attached to it. Maybe it your first car in Canada or a gift from your parents on your graduation or you met someone special in it. But when the garage bells start to pile up it’s time to say goodbye. Auto Recyclers in Brampton or whatever the city you are located in are the people who wait for these calls and come into play when your ride is retired. They come to your place and pick up your junk cars for free and pay you cash and take your car to recycling facility where it is recycled. Auto recyclers Brampton serve the golden horse shoe of southern Ontario and offer professional scrap car pick up service and auto recycling service since last few years.


We buy your old junk car which is eyesore for your property and neighborhood and sitting and rusting out at your property and take them to auto recycling facility where it is recycled in a very professional and environmentally friendly fashion by taking into consideration of all environmental code protocols.


The process, once car reached at auto recycling facility is very sophisticated and very interesting

Automotive recycling yards pay hard cash to strip away parts and recycle the scrap metal. Used car contains oils and industrial fluids. It is roughly estimated that the pollutant recovered from junk cars by auto recyclers in North America is equal to 8 Exxon Valdez Disasters.


First of all, junk cars are auto recycling yards are drilled to safely dispose of the environmentally harmful liquids once that’s done some auto wrecking yards get on with stripping anything that can be sold on to  customers but most of yards just continue to shredding phase.

These auto wrecking yards who are selling car parts are an Aladdin’s cave for car owners who want to save a few bucks instead of buying expensive new parts they can pick up old ones for a fraction of the cost and do that bit for the environment

Auto Recyclers in Brampton, ON with FREE pickup  and recycling of  your scrap vehicle

The stripped out cars from car parts sellers or complete cars from regular recycling facilities goes to heavy duty crane where the motor, transmission , wire harness , Radiator are pulled and put it on separate piles and rest of the shell car is pressed under high hydraulic pressure and load it on hauling trucks and  haul to shredder for its last journey to the recycling yard these cars will never speed down a country lane ever again but there is an upside they’ll never see a  cop  again either no matter if it was an Aston Martin or Honda civic,  they all get the same treatment a cutter chops them into bite-sized pieces so they will fit into the shredder and these pressed cars shell pieces are lifted up onto a conveyor belt where they patiently wait to have the life squeezed out of them however well-built they were in their hay day none of them at any match for the shredder with its 2,000 horsepower engine when you see what comes out at the other side of the shredder you can really see why it’s called scrap metal steel is separated from the other materials by this magnetic drum after the aluminum has also been sifted out what’s left is junk and this will be buried in a landfill site all the metals that have been saved fall onto a big  pile. This is the treasure of the recycling plant. enormous tractors load the scrap metal onto trains and it’s then taken off to a processing plant there it’ll be turned into washing machines, toasters, bridges or maybe just back into a car and about 80% of the mass of each car is used in another form so don’t be too downhearted when your loyal friend is beyond repair it’s not the end of its life it’s just a new beginning.

Auto recycling industry in Canada is thriving and always strives to be edgy and professional. Auto recycler in Brampton understands the code of conduct and protocols of this industry and play by rules. There are 1600 to 1700 recyclers in Canada and we are dealing with very well reputed Auto recyclers in Brampton.

So next time you call any auto recyclers in Brampton. Don’t be disheartened to say GOOD BYE to your old junk car. It is going to a better place.