Hello Brampton!  We have lot of junk cars sitting and rusting in our driveways. Once the beautiful car you bought for thousands of dollars and you were taking pride to drive around the neighborhood, slowly got older and shines faded away and you parked this car in your garage and bought a new car and you abandoned your old beauty. You love your old car and it has some special space in your heart but you know this car is occupying the space and you are not going to drive it ever and this is going to salvage yard sooner or later.

If you are reading this, most probably you have the same situation and you have an old beater sitting at your place somewhere waiting for you to pull the plug.

Brampton Scrap Car Removal is Junk Car buyers in Brampton and serves the peel region and surrounding suburbs.

We pick up all kind and all condition of Junk cars

  • Wrecked
  • Flooded
  • Fire damaged
  • No keys
  • No Wheel
  • Doesn’t start and runs
  • Shells

Junk Car Buyers in Brampton, ON with FREE pickup and disposal of your junk car vehicle 

Brampton scrap car removal is experienced junk car buyers in Brampton with the team of professionals. We provide you the service you can except from a real Canadian local small business team. If you want to sell your old car, just give us a call and leave the rest on us.

We will answer your all questions, quote you the price over the phone and arrange the same day pick up service. We are located literally in the heart of the city and our geographical location enables us to provide you prompt service. So on a bad day, you are driving down on the Highway 410 or Highway 401 and you old car start making some funny noises and stops. What a Bummer eh? You know it’s the time to say good bye this old heap of junk. Give us a call and we will be there in minutes and rescue you. We pay the top cash for junk cars and pick them up. The towing for the car is absolutely free. Brampton scrap car removal is a kind of Junk car Buyers in Brampton you can trust on. We will never try to haggle down the price of the car on the last minute and that the thing making us different from other companies. We make social network of our customers and lot of business comes through referrals and that is something you can take pride of.

Good reputation, Easy to use, honest service and company of integrity are the mission of our business and we don’t compromise on that whatsoever. When someone try to find a junk car buyer in Brampton or any other area where you are, there are lot of question customer has in their mind. How much the car worth? How the paperwork will be done? Am I dealing with the right company?

And there are lots of junk car buyers they come up with a universal answer “it depends”. We always ask all the questions on the phone understand the situation and then give you the price.  Once you are quoted and the information customer provides is accurate. We don’t change the price as many junk car buyers in Brampton do.  Rather than expanding all over the province we have reinvested our all resources to build a team to provide our local community an unparallel customer service and best price. Our office staff is knowledgable and answers your all questions and concerns; where as our road staff which is really a face of our company will come with a smile and pay you the cash after quick inspection of the car. Our drivers are well trained and professional and they always try to go beyond the limits to take care of you.

Brampton Scrap car removal is Licensed Junk car Buyers in Brampton and has solution of all you junk car problems. Give us a call and have the service you deserve.